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Idem Est Research provides leading telecoms research helping our clients stay updated on the latest telecoms sector developments. The reports provide analyses of mobile, broadband markets, capital expenditure, 5-year forecasts, market insights, key telecom trends and thematics such as 5G and telecoms digital infrastructure, as well as other statistics of the telco industry.

Our independent approach allows us to place the trends and drivers fully into context and analyse the industry as a whole from different, unbiased perspectives. Alongside the facts and figures, Idem Est Research draws on three decades of experience to provide incisive commentary and analysis. This brings visibility to the business drivers, challenges, decision-making and future direction of the telecoms sector.

Reports Publication Date  
Starlink Company Profile – 2024 February 2024  
China Telecom Report (2017-2031) February 2024  
Mobile Towers M&A Database – Precedent Transaction Comps February 2024  
India Telecom Report (2016-2030) December 2023  
Japan Telecom Report (2016-2030) November 2023  
Thailand Telecom Report (2016-2030) November 2023  
Myanmar Telecom Report (2016-2030) October 2023  
South Korea Telecom Report (2016-2030) October 2023  
Asia Pacific Satellite Internet Market Report (2022-2030) September 2023  
Vietnam Telecom Report (2016-2030) August 2023  
Malaysia Telecom Report (2016-2030) August 2023  
New Zealand Telecom Report (2016-2030) July 2023  
Indonesia Telecoms Report (2016-2030) June 2023  
Philippines Telecom Report (2016-2030) May 2023  
Singapore Telecom Report (2016-2030) April 2023  
Australia Telecom Report (2016-2030) March 2023  
Taiwan Telecoms Report (2016-2030) February 2023  
Pakistan Telecom Report (2016-2030) January 2023  
Bangladesh Telecom Report (2015-2030) December 2022  
Asia Pacific Telecom Towers Market Report (2015-2027) August 2022  
Cambodia Telecoms Report (2017-2031) Coming Soon  
Sri Lanka Telecoms Report (2017-20317) Coming Soon  
Hong Kong Telecoms Report (2017-2031) Coming Soon  
Laos Telecoms Report (2017-2031) Coming Soon  

Idem Est Research offers telco professionals, researchers, operators, strategy and competitive intelligence professionals, equipment suppliers and vendors, corporate and financial services analysts, government agencies and regulatory bodies with leading telecoms research independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the telecoms industry.

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