Starlink Company Profile – 2024


This Starlink Company Profile – 2024 Report provides analyses of revenue and market forecasts as well as statistics of Starlink including market sizing, 7-year forecasts, market insights, key satellite trends, LEO/MEO/GEO satellite developments and also features the following:

  • Overall Starlink Subscribers by Country
  • Satellite Internet Providers Profile (Starlink, Kuiper, OneWeb, AST SpaceMobile, Lynk Global, GW China among others)
  • Satellite Internet Competitive Landscape
  • Countries covered: Global
  • Starlink Subscribers by country & Forecasts
  • 5G NTN: The Next Generation of Satellite Connectivity
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Evaluating the Impact of Satellite Broadband Connectivity in the Asia Pacific
  • Future Prospects of Satellite Broadband and 5G NTN

About this report:
1st Edition
Pages: 51
Author: Landry Fevre
Publication Date: February 2024
License: Single User PDF

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