Japan’s Telecom Sector: A New Era of Connectivity with 5G and Satellite Internet


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30 November 2023, 16:00 AEST

Japan Telecom Industry Market Report forecasts 300m mobile and fixed broadband subscribers by 2030


Key Highlights from the Japan Telecoms Industry Report:

Tokyo, Japan – In its latest comprehensive analysis, Idem Est Research projects a resilient and dynamic growth for Japan’s telecommunications industry from 2023 to 2030. The report delves deep into two pivotal areas shaping the future of connectivity in Japan: the burgeoning satellite internet sector and the rapidly evolving mobile market.

Satellite Internet – Expanding Japan’s Digital Horizon

In the satellite internet domain, Japan is making remarkable strides. The Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, has witnessed a transformative growth in satellite broadband connectivity, driven by technological innovations and an increasing demand for robust internet access in diverse geographical landscapes.

By 2030, satellite broadband subscribers in Japan are expected to reach a significant milestone, with the market projected to grow at an average annual rate of 102%. This growth is largely attributed to the deployment of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations, such as Starlink Project Kuiper and OneWeb. These advancements offer a lifeline of connectivity to regions where traditional terrestrial networks are limited or unavailable, marking a new era in digital inclusivity and global reach​​.

Mobile Market – Steering Towards a Connected Future

“The mobile sector in Japan is set to undergo substantial growth, despite facing economic and competitive pressures. Idem Est Research forecasts mobile subscriptions to grow at an annual average rate of 2.5% from 2023 to 2030”, said the report’s author, Landry Fevre.

The expansion of the 5G network, which kicked off in 2020, is a key driver of this growth. Despite a late start compared to its Asian counterparts, Japan has rapidly scaled up its 5G infrastructure, with coverage expected to reach 90% by 2022. The entry of Rakuten in 2020 as the fourth major mobile operator has added a new dimension to the competitive landscape, further fuelling the sector’s evolution.

Navigating the Future

“Satellite Internet and Mobile Market – highlight the multifaceted growth of Japan’s telecommunications sector. The nation is not only expanding its digital footprint through advanced satellite broadband solutions but also strengthening its position in the mobile industry with significant 5G advancements. Japan’s commitment to embracing new technologies and expanding its digital infrastructure sets a benchmark for connectivity and innovation in the global telecommunications landscape, added, Landry Fevre, Idem Est Research director.

For a detailed analysis and more information, please refer to the full report by Idem Est Research, available at www.idemest.com/research.

A new report by Idem Est Research forecasts steady growth for Japan’s telecommunications market over the next decade, despite ongoing political and economic challenges.


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Download the full report: https://idemest.com/reports/japan-telecoms-report-mobile-broadband-market-industry-analysis/

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