Idem Est Research Unveils Insights on the Flourishing Philippines Telecom Market


Idem Est Research & Advisory

16 May 2023, 16:00 AEST

Philippines Telecom Industry Market Report forecasts 200m mobile and fixed broadband subscribers by 2030


Idem Est research Unveils Insights on the Flourishing Philippines Telecom Market

Sydney, 16 May 2023 – Idem Est Research, a leading provider of TMT market intelligence and advisory, today announces its in-depth analysis of the dynamic and burgeoning telecommunications market in the Philippines. This report aims to shed light on the rapid growth, emerging trends, and future prospects of the telecom industry in the country.

With a population of over 110 million people and a steady rise in smartphone penetration, the Philippines is catching up to its ASEAN neighbours and has become a hotbed for telecom development. Idem Est’s research reveals that the market has experienced significant expansion in recent years, driven by increased demand for data services, improved mobile and fixed infrastructure, and favourable government policies.

Key findings from Idem Est Research’s analysis include:

1.         Rapid Growth: The Philippines telecom market has experienced remarkable growth, with an average annual increase in revenue of over 4.7% in the past five years. This growth is expected to continue as more rural areas gain access to reliable and affordable mobile services.

2.         Data Dominance: The increasing popularity of social media platforms, online gaming, and streaming services has fuelled the demand for data services in the country. Idem Est Research recorded over 175m mobile and fixed broadband subscribers.

3.         Digital Infrastructure: Idem Est research indicates that the Philippines telecom operators are investing heavily in both fibre and tower infrastructure, lifting the country into the top half rankings in terms of speed, coverage and capacity. Tower sell-off from Globe and Smart have attracted top infrastructure funds all vying for a share of the opportunity and investing over USD4 billion in just 2 years.

4.         Government Support: The Philippine government has implemented various initiatives to foster the growth of the telecom sector, including the Free Public Wi-Fi Project, the common tower policy, and streamlined regulations for tower permits. These measures have facilitated infrastructure development, encouraged investment, and improved connectivity in underserved areas.

5.         Future Prospects: Idem Est Research’s analysis forecasts a positive outlook for the Philippines telecom market despite a tapering Capex cycle. Telecom operators are now focusing on lower income households for fixed broadband, higher data usage on mobile with cost per GB now line with neighbours at about USD0.2 per GB. Factors such as the government’s commitment to digital transformation are expected to drive further growth. Additionally, advancements in 5G technology, increased focus on cybersecurity, and the integration of artificial intelligence are anticipated to shape the industry’s future landscape.

“Idem Est Research forecasts that mobile subscribers will reach 186 million by 2030 while the fixed broadband market continues to grow. “The telecommunications industry is expected to maintain revenue growth momentum, with an average growth rate of 3.5% from 2023 to 2030”, says Landry Fevre, Idem Est Research & Advisory’s Director

Idem Est Research and Advisory’s report on the Philippines telecom market serves as a valuable resource for industry stakeholders, investors, and policymakers looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sector. The analysis highlights the immense potential and opportunities for both local and international players to contribute to the development and innovation of the telecom industry in the Philippines.


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